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Translation Tools / What are CAT Tools? / The Advantage to you

The employment of translation tools also offers other benefits.

Time savings
As the saved assignments and thus texts are displayed automatically for the translator whilst he is translating, this saves the time he would need to find the corresponding paper texts in the translation archive. Particularly for assignments with a high level of repetition (product catalogue 2008 and product catalogue 2009), this can offer huge time savings for both the translator and you as the customer. And time is money!

Cost benefits
When we decide to employ the translation tools for an assignment, the first step is to analyse the original text using the tool’s Analyse function. This counts the number of words and repetitions in the text and shows how many segments are already present in the existing memory for the individual client. When we are preparing a quote, we take into account the redundant and existing text segments and these are then not calculated as new text. This cost saving is then passed on directly to you.

The most important benefit is still the consistency of the final translations. As we create and maintain a personalised database for every customer whose assignments are performed using the translation tools, any passages which have already been translated will automatically be translated identically every time they appear. This doesn’t just apply to specialist terminology, but also to entire text blocks (e.g., safety instructions, which appear identically in every instruction manual).
As no computer can completely replace human intelligence, it goes without saying that translations are not simply blindly accepted, but rather checked afresh beforehand and any necessary amendments (dates, figures) are made.
The benefit of this for you is that your foreign language documents will always be consistent. As these are often a type of visiting card for your customers abroad, the documents should be of the same high quality as your products and services.


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